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Project Setup

Propel Basics

  • Basic CRUD The basics of Propel C.R.U.D. (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations
  • Relationships Searching and manipulating data from related tables.
  • Transactions Where and when to use transactions.
  • Behaviors The behavior system allows to package and reuse common model features.
  • Logging And Debugging Propel can log a lot of information, including the SQL queries it executes.
  • Inheritance Single Table Inheritance, Class Table Inheritance, and Concrete Table Inheritance come free with Propel.
  • Migrations Change the structure of the database without altering the data.


Behaviors Reference

You can also look at user contributed behaviors.


Common Tasks

Contribute to Propel

Working with Silex

This is the up-to-date documentation for the last Propel version. To access the old documentation, please visit or

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