Project Setup

    Propel Basics

    • Basic CRUD The basics of Propel C.R.U.D. (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations
    • Relationships Searching and manipulating data from related tables.
    • Transactions Where and when to use transactions.
    • Behaviors The behavior system allows to package and reuse common model features.
    • Logging And Debugging Propel can log a lot of information, including the SQL queries it executes.
    • Inheritance Single Table Inheritance, Class Table Inheritance, and Concrete Table Inheritance come free with Propel.
    • Migrations Change the structure of the database without altering the data.
    • Configuration Configuring Propel


    Behaviors Reference

    You can also look at user contributed behaviors.


    Common Tasks

    Contribute to Propel

    Working with Silex

    Working with Symfony2

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