How To Contribute ?

You can easily contribute to the Propel project since all projects are hosted by GitHub. You just have to fork the Propel2 project on the PropelORM organization and to provide Pull Requests or to submit issues. Note, we are using Git as main Source Code Management.

The Propel organization maintains five projects:

Submit an issue

The ticketing system is also hosted on GitHub:

Make a Pull Request

The best way to submit a patch is to make a Pull Request on GitHub. First, you should create a new branch from the master. Assuming you are in your local Propel project:

$ git checkout -b fix-my-patch master

Now you can write your patch in this branch. Don’t forget to provide unit tests with your fix to prove both the bug and the patch. It will ease the process to accept or refuse a Pull Request.

When you’re done, you have to rebase your branch to provide a clean and safe Pull Request.

$ git remote add upstream
$ git checkout master
$ git pull --ff-only upstream master
$ git checkout fix-my-patch
$ git rebase master

In this example, the upstream remote is the PropelORM organization repository.

Once done, you can submit the Pull Request by pushing your branch to your fork:

$ git push origin fix-my-patch

Go to your fork of the project on GitHub and switch to the patched branch (here in the above example, fix-my-patch) and click on the “Compare and pull request” button. Add a short description to this Pull Request and submit it.

Running Unit Tests

Please make sure our test suite is still green and you wrote an adequate test that covers your changes.

You can get more information in our cookbook article: Working with Propel’s Test Suite.

Improve the documentation

The Propel documentation is written in Markdown syntax and runs through GitHub Pages. Everybody can contribute to the documentation by forking the project and to submit Pull Requests. Please, try to wrap your additions around 80 characters.