Compatibility Index

    Some features are not available through all PDO supported databases. You can see here a list of primary limitations.

    At the moment we list only MySQL, SQLite and Postgres since only those are unit tested and fully supported.

    Foreign Keys

    Functionality MySQL SQLite Postgres
    General √(1) √ 
    name attribute X(2) √ 

    1) As of version 3.6.19, SQLite supports foreign key constraints.

    2) SQLite does not support named foreignKeys.


    Functionality MySQL SQLite Postgres
    Multiple autoincrement X(1) √ 
    Composite PK with one autoIncrement √(2) √ 
    index-column size attribute X(3) X(3)

    1) SQLite does not support multiple columns with autoIncrement set to true.

    2) SQLite does not support a composite PK where one of these is a autoIncrement. We support it anyways because we're setting primaryKey=false and create a unique constraint instead, which is at the end basically the same.

    3) Only MySQL supports a concrete size at a index-column.