Compatibility Index


    Some features are not available through all PDO supported databases. You can see here a list of primary limitations.

    At the moment we list only MySQL, SQLite and Postgres since only those are unit tested and fully supported.

    Foreign Keys

    Functionality MySQL SQLite Postgres
    General Yes Partial(1) Yes
    name attribute Yes No(2) Yes

    1) As of version 3.6.19, SQLite supports foreign key constraints.

    2) SQLite does not support named foreignKeys.


    Functionality MySQL SQLite Postgres
    Multiple autoincrement Yes No(1) Yes
    Composite PK with one autoIncrement Yes Partial(2) Yes
    index-column size attribute Yes Np(3) No(3)

    1) SQLite does not support multiple columns with autoIncrement set to true.

    2) SQLite does not support a composite PK where one of these is a autoIncrement. We support it anyways because we’re setting primaryKey=false and create a unique constraint instead, which is at the end basically the same.

    3) Only MySQL supports a concrete size at a index-column.

    PHP Versions

    Update PHP to version 5.5 or upper.