About us

We're a group of volunteers trying to make the life easier for PHP developers fighting with SQL database out there. This gives us the ability to provide you a completely open-source MIT licensed library for free.

You can see our activity at GitHub pulse of Propel2, contributions graph, commits, tagged releases and other legacy projects and libraries we're providing for you.


Of course Propel is not made by one or two persons - how would you do that with such a big project with lots of nuts and bolts? Propel is continuously made through the last decade by hundreds of super awesome people!

A huge thanks to all those awesome contributors!

Every bug report, every pull request and every code review is not only much appreciated by the Propel team, but surely also by the whole propel community! Propel wouldn't be Propel without this outstanding contributions.

Core Team

The core team members that spend a lot of time into this project to provide you a super fast, super easy and modern ORM for PHP are:

Francois Zaninotto

former lead developer


William Durand

former lead developer


Hugo Hamon

core developer


Marc J. Schmidt

former lead developer


Jérémie Augustin

core developer


Toni Uebernickel



Cristiano Cinotti

core developer


Robin Dupret

core developer/docu


Markus Staab

core developer


Marc Scholten

core developer


Man in the background

Also thanks goes out to Veikko Mäkinen for sponsoring the propel domain and Benjamin Börngen-Schmidt for sponsoring files.propelorm.org!