Blog: Video: IDE Autocompletion with Propel

The Propel Team – 31 October 2010

Propel has always claimed to be IDE-friendly. But have you ever witnessed it? If, like me, you prefer to use a text editor rather than an IDE, you may ignore how much autocompletion (also named "intellisense") and auto-documentation can improve your workflow.

Here is a brief screencast recording a 3 minutes coding session on runtime code, using the NetBeans IDE:

As you can see, autocompletion works for generated queries (it autocompletes "filterBy()" methods), ActiveRecord objects, and even collections. And you don't even need to tell your IDE the class of the variables you're dealing with: the return types for "findOne()" and "find()" are enough for NetBeans to figure out what $book and $books are.

Propel helps to reduce the time you spend using Model objects, so that you can focus on more important things - like designing and improving this very model.