Blog: Propel 1.4.0 Stable Is There

The Propel Team – 08 November 2009

Propel 1.4.0 was just released. It's gorgeous, as fast as the previous release (some say faster), and it's full of new features, completely backwards-compatible with Propel 1.3. If you use Propel 1.3 on your projects, you don't have any reason not to upgrade - you would just miss so much!

For details about the Propel 1.4 enhancements, check the What's new in Propel 1.4 page. From behaviors to Joins with multiple conditions, and including a shiny runtime introspection engine, you wouldn't imagine how much we packed in this release in just two months. That's right, Propel 1.4 was started in early September 2009, and it's already out as a stable release. You will notice that the documentation was also reworked and partly rewritten, making it even easier to use Propel every day.

To install this release, you can checkout or update your externals to the 1.4.0 tag in the Subversion repository:

> svn checkout propel_1.4

Alternatively, you can install the generator and runtime as PEAR packages:

> pear install phpdb/propel_generator-1.4.0 
> pear install phpdb/propel_runtime-1.4.0

Then rebuild your model, and that's it - no upgrade of the existing code is necessary.

Now that Propel 1.4.0 is out, we need you to make some noise about it. If you use Propel, tell everybody how fast it is and how active the development is. And if you like the new features, please use them in your tutorials and open-source projects to showcase the power of the Propel ORM.

The next backwards-compatible release, labelled 1.5, is planned for early 2010 and already features a new behavior. Keep an eye open on this blog for upcoming news about the 1.5 enhancements.