Blog: Propel2 Alpha 11 Release

The Propel Team – 07 August 2020

With this release, we continue Alpha-version cleanups aiming API stabilization. Many thanks to our contributors, who made possible this release to come that fast. 👍


Here are the changes:

  • Fixed return value for “no migration needed” case in MigrationMigrateCommand
  • Always create unique indices by constraint for Postgres (@daniel-rose)
  • Do not try to fetch related objects of a new object (@gharlan)
  • Map JSON type to native Postgres type (@tienbuide)
  • Fixed nullable docblock for mutator methods (@dereuromark)
  • PHP 7.2+ cleanups (class visibility modifiers, native types etc)
  • Dropped EOL Symfony 2, Postgres 9.4 from test matrix
  • Fixed docblocks and typehinting
  • PHPStan level 5 static analyzing
  • Yoda notation cleanup

BC breaks

  • PHP7.1 is not supported anymore (EOL)
  • Symfony 2 is not supported anymore (EOL)


You can download this release as usual via Composer. Please give it a try and report any bugs you spot:

  "require": {
    "propel/propel": "2.0.0-alpha11"

All changes/commits:…2.0.0-alpha11

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