Blog: Propel2 alpha4 is released

The Propel Team – 20 November 2014

We just released Propel2 Alpha4 with lot of bug fixes and some new major features.

What’s new in this release

Configuration System

Cristiano Cinotti did a fantastic job in integrating the Symfony configuration system into Propel. The file is the past, you can now define Propel’s config as yml, php, ini and more. You can find more information in the Configuring Propel documentation.


Kévin Gomez did also a incredible job in updating the PropelBundle so you can use it with Propel2. You can find more information about the integration of Propel2 in Symfony in the Working With Symfony2 documentation. It’s available also in composer via "propel/propel-bundle": "2.0.0-alpha4".

Init Command

Marc Scholten gave us a brilliant new init command to bootstrap your Propel project now even faster.

Bug fixes

And as always we fixed a lot of bugs with this release. Thanks to all contributors!


We said in our latest alpha3 release blog post that the next version will be a beta. Unfortunately, we have to correct this. We’re working hard to get things going, but we have still many open issues that need some investigations first before we are able to provide you a beta. In our roadmap you’ll find also some new big features we’re planning. At the moment we can not provide you any date a beta is realistic, although we know it’s highly requested. If you find the time to investigate some issues or even provide some fixes, then please don’t hesitate - any contribution is highly appreciated by the whole propel community!


You can download this release as usual via composer. Please give it a try and report any bugs you spot:

  "require": {
    "propel/propel": "2.0.0-alpha4"

All changes/commits:…2.0.0-alpha4

All releases:

Thank you guys!