Blog: The State Of Propel2

The Propel Team – 30 April 2012

A week ago, we held the second Propel2 IRC Meeting to talk about Propel2. It was really interesting, and constructive.

First, we talked about the roadmap. We asked people to delay the Twig/Builders refactoring. Some concepts we use today are not easily doable using Twig (filters for instance). In other words, we have to think a bit more on this part, and to build a proof of concept with Twig. Last thing on this point, we tagged all blocking issues for a pre release.

The second main topic was the documentation with a call for a leader, and contributors. We also decided to write a tutorial to introduce Propel2 in real life.

The third point was Propel 1.6, and Propel2 in the [s|S]ymfony world. The consensus is that symfony 1.x won't officially support Propel2. By the way, Propel 1.6 is still bug/security fixes only, and no plan to stop it. For Symfony2, the PropelBundle follows a new branching model to prepare the Propel2's integration.

One more thing, we will have Behat tests in the first Propel2 release thanks to @everzet!

Please, find the transcript below: