Blog: A Week of Propel

The Propel Team – 21 November 2011

Yes, I know... Here are the last news related to Propel:


Propel 1.6

The Propel 1.6.x branch is always quite active and we merge bug fixes frequently. Propel 1.6 is now available through Composerpropel/propel1.



The activity of Propel2 is really active and tons of RFCs are written and discussed. You should come and discuss Propel2 issues. And, any help is welcomed. You'll find Propel2 on Packagist too: propel/propel.


symfony 1.x

You'll find a new sfPropelORMPlugin version available at and GitHub. It contains minor fixes and embeds Propel 1.6.3.



Propel is now part of Symfony2 with the recent merge of a Propel Bridge. The PropelBundle has been updated to use this bridge. That means the PropelBundle's master branch is compatible with Symfony2 master only (and with the upcoming 2.1 version). If you want to use the PropelBundle with Symfony2 version 2.x.x, you'll find a 2.0 branch.

More and more bundles are Propel compliant like the FOSUserBundle and a work on the Symfony2 documentation will be done to write agnostic bundles compatible with both Doctrine2 and Propel.


Long life to Propel :)