Blog: Propel2 Meets Behat For The Win !

The Propel Team – 15 November 2011

Hi there,

Do you know Behat ? It's a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Framework inspired by Ruby's Cucumber project, originally written by Konstantin Kudryashov aka @everzet. The aim of this library is to provide functional tests to your application.

You'll probably ask me why I'm talking about Behat on the Propel's blog, and you are right. Yesterday, I received an incredible email from Konstantin and some of you asked us what was the subject. Actually, Konstantin and the KnpLabs' team want to offer a gift to you, Propel community, by taking part in the Propel2 development! That's really fantastic! They'll bring Behat and BDD to the Propel2 development process, for instance:

So, please welcome Konstantin and Behat to the Propel2 project!