Blog: Help Us Improve The Propel Documentation

The Propel Team – 01 November 2011

The Propel documentation available at is hosted on GitHub. It runs with Jekyll, a powerful static site generator. It allows us to manage the documentation as a real project. You'll find the repository here:

The documentation is one of the Propel's strenghts, that's why we have to improve it all the time. To ease the process, we've added a fork & edit link to quickly fix typos or more substantial errors:


By clicking on this link, you'll get a fantastic editor which allows you to fix the doc, and to submit a new Pull Request. As you can see, it's really easy!

[[posterous-content:xmfweEkHHchmaiyIgFze]]Thanks to GitHub, updating the Propel documentation is really easy and really fast, you just need a GitHub account. And, to be honest, who doesn't have an account yet ?

You're all welcome to contribute to the documentation. Oh! And, there is also a Cookbook section in which you can write your favorite recipe.