Blog: Propel 1.6.3 is Released

The Propel Team – 13 October 2011

Propel 1.6.3 is now available with a bunch of new awesome features.

Main thing is speed improvement, just read the previous post to know more about how we achieved that.

Among new features, the highlight is collection setter for active record object, that means you now can give a whole collection to your object and

  • new objects will be inserted,
  • missing objects will be deleted,
  • updated objects will be updated.

And all in a single line, cool isn't it ?

Thanks to you several bugs and improvements has been released too, keep on the good work !

The important thing to know about this release, is that Propel 1.6.3 is the last featured version of the 1.x branch. All next versions of this branch will be bug fixes, but don't worry, we'll continue to maintain it. Propel2 has begun and you can expect more news soon.

The release is available on GitHub under the 1.6.3 tag on GitHub, as PEAR package (runtime & generator) and as archives (ZIP and TAR). As usual, the API documentation is at:

Thanks to every contributors for this release!