Blog: Propel 1.6.2 is Released

The Propel Team – 14 September 2011

A month and few days ago, I became the new Propel lead developer. Today, I'm glad to announce the new Propel version: 1.6.2. This is my very first release and I have tons of things to tell you.


From 1.6.1 to 1.6.2, 10 contributors worked hard and provided 145 commits with two new incredible behaviors and a lot of bugfixes. I would like to thank François Zaninotto, Julien Muetton, Andrey Janzen, Markus Lervik, Niklas Närhinen, Denis Dalmais, Chris Lovell, Nibsirahsieu and mskarupianski. They contributed to improve Propel and that's great !

Since Propel has moved to GitHub, the continuous development is intensive. We (the core team) are glad to see how things moved and we were suprised to see this great activity. Thanks guys to help keeping Propel alive.

New release is available on GitHub under the 1.6.2 tag on GitHub, as PEAR package (runtime & generator) and as archives (ZIP and TAR).

You will find the new API documentation at: and XSD files under their own subdomain: Thanks to Benjamin Börngen-Schmidt and Veikko Mäkinen for their work on the server/DNS part.



Propel is not the unique project in the Propel organization and it is widely used in the symfony world. I announced few weeks ago the release of the new Propel plugin for symfony 1.x : sfPropelORMPlugin. I would like to thank Julien Muetton and Luca Saba for their work on it to decouplate the plugin and to get it work with both Git and SVN.

Another good point is that the i18n support is fixed thanks to Vincent Mazenod. You'll be able to use both the (old) native symfony i18n and the Propel i18n behavior which is better.

Please, find the 1.1 tag on GitHub for the new version which bundles Propel 1.6.2, the ZIP and TAR files and the plugin on



There is another project in our organization, the PropelBundle which provides the integration of Propel in Symfony2. You can read the introduction to Propel with Symfony2 on the Propel documentation.


Propel documentation

Propel documentation has a new design and a new way to improve it. Visit to see it in action. We are using Jekyll, a static site generator written in ruby and the gh-pages feature provided by GitHub. The code is available here. Feel free to contribute on it by submiting Pull Request to fix typo errors and/or to provide new recipes in the cookbook.


As you can see, we made a lot of changes to improve Propel and the way people can contribute. It's really important for us and GitHub eases our development process like a charm. Thanks to all contributors, bug reporters and all people who makes Propel better day by day.

Yes, Propel won't die.