Blog: Announcing sfPropelORMPlugin

The Propel Team – 18 August 2011

Hi there,

I'm glad to announce a good news for symfony 1.x users. As you may know, the whole Propel project has moved to the PropelORM organization on Github and you'll find the Propel project, the PropelBundle for Symfony2 and the sfPropel15Plugin for symfony 1.x.

But, wait ? You said "sfPropel15Plugin" while the last Propel version is 1.6.1 ?! Agreed, it does not make sense. That's why, a few weeks ago I proposed to rename this plugin. Thanks to François, we found a lovely name : sfPropelORMPlugin.

I started to work on it and thanks to Julien who did a great work to fix all tests, we can proudly announce the release of this plugin:
Basically, it provides the same features but it's designed to work fine with both SVN and Git through Github. I let you read the README to learn how to deal with it. Upgrade is really easy, you just have to install sfPropelORMPlugin as a new plugin and migrate your behaviors registration in propel.ini.

As usual, feel free to fork the plugin and to participate by reporting issues or send pull requests. Oh, and expect more news on this blog soon !