Blog: Propel 1.6.0RC2 is released

The Propel Team – 29 April 2011

The Second Release Candidate for the 1.6.0 version has just been released. Get it while its hot!


  • Fixed diff task combined with skipSQL (closes #1368)
  • Fixed issue with i18n behavior and classPrefix (closes #1365)
  • Fixed i18n behavior with namespaces (closes #1359)
  • Fixed a problem with setting DISTINCT and using LIMIT at the same time with MSSQL server (patch from KRavEN) (closes #825)
  • Fixed missing namespace in sortable behavior (closes #1358)
  • Emphasized the expected syntax of pre and post hooks
  • Fixed namespace.autoPackage when database namespace adds to the table namespace (closes #1357)
  • Fixed incompatibility between Propel and symfony over sfYaml (closes #1356)
  • Fixed packaged schemas with different namespaces (based on a patch by couac) (closes #1355)
  • Fixed PropelOMTask doesn’t read propel.disableIdentifierQuoting from (patch from vmakinen) (closes #1353)
  • Fixed versionable behavior when defaultPhpNamingMethod is noChange (patch from niklas) (closes #1343)
  • Fixed bug in toXML() method stripping numbers from column names (closes #1352)
  • Slightly improved the soft_delete behavior doc, to emphasize the use of includeDeleted() over disableSoftDelete() (closes #1340)
  • Fixed full query logging regression (closes #1347)
  • Fixed typo in exception message thron by ModelCriteria (closes #1349)
  • Fixed regression in full query logging (closes #1344)
  • Fixed problem with reverse task and empty foreignSchema attributes


As usual, Propel is available in the format you prefer:

Subversion tag

> svn checkout

Git clone

> git clone git://


> sudo pear config-set preferred_state beta
> sudo pear upgrade propel/propel_generator
> sudo pear upgrade propel/propel_runtime

Download (Linux) (Windows)

Next steps

If no critical bug hits the Propel Trac in the upcoming week, this version will become the 1.6.0 stable. Please test and report any bug you may encounter.