Blog: The Propel2 development has begun

The Propel Team – 14 April 2011

Back in September 2010, we announced what the future of Propel would be once the 1.6 branch is released.<p /><div>It turns out that 1.6 took a long time to finish, but now that it's coming to an end, I can dedicate some time to laying the foundations of the next major iteration of Propel.</div> <p /><div>As expected, Propel2 is built on top of Doctrine2, and uses Twig for code generation. You can follow the development on GitHub - we're still at the early stage, but the generator runs and generates working ActiveRecord objects.</div> <p /><div>You're welcome to comment and/or contribute anytime you want. GitHub is a great collaboration platform, so contributing to Propel2 should be even easier than with Propel1.</div><p /><div> We see a great future for the Propel ecosystem!</div>