Blog: Paris Meetup about PHP ORMs on March 30th - Come and See Propel 1.6

The Propel Team – 10 March 2011

I'll be introducing Propel 1.6 during a PHP meetup in Paris organized by the French AFUP in two weeks time.

The conference is about Database access in PHP (DBALs and ORMs), and will be in French. I'll briefly showcase the new additions of Propel 1.6, and what makes Propel a good fit for most projects. It's a good occasion to get a comparative view on DBAL and ORM solutions (a Doctrine2 presentation is also scheduled). And if you're still not using an ORM, it's the best time to get all the information you need.

Come and meet us on March 30th, 7:30pm at La Cantine - and don't forget to register first on the website.