Blog: sfPropel16Plugin Is Already There, Didn't You Know?

The Propel Team – 27 January 2011

The question arose several times in the past weeks: When will sfPropel16Plugin be published? Well, it's been published for a long time already, it's just that it was called "sfPropel15Plugin/1.6 branch". You can find it on GitHub: <p /><div></div><p /><div>This repository used to default to the 'master' branch, which is a clone of the current 1.5 branch of sfPropel15Plugin. Enhancements were added to the 1.6 branch, which recently became the default branch. </div> <p /><div>The repository contains an 'INSTALL' file explaining the few steps to get the plugin running on a symfony 1.4 project. </div><p /><div>Compared to the 1.5 version, this plugin features new tasks to deal with migrations: diff, migrate, up, and down. Use the symfony help command to get usage information on these tasks, and refer to the Propel documentation for a complete explanation of Propel migrations. There is also support for master-slave configuration right in the databases.yml, the ability to filter embedded forms with a Criteria, and several bug fixes.</div> <p /><div>It's a drop-in replacement for the previous sfPropel15Plugin from the symfony plugins page.</div><p /><div>Last question: Why is it called sfPropel15Plugin if it embeds Propel 1.6? Because we won't force you to use different class names for each minor release of Propel. Backwards compatibility has always been a central concern, and changing the plugin name (and the names of the classes it embeds) wouldn't allow that. That wouldn't be so surprising if Propel 1.5 was named Propel 2, except that wasn't the case ;)</div>