Blog: Slide of my Presentation for the PHP Forum 2010 in Paris

The Propel Team – 10 November 2010

No, the title has no typo - there is only one slide. But one can say a lot with a single slide. This presentation explains how developers progress, and what they should learn, using data persistance as an example. It's in French, but most of the code is in English. The presentation was given yesterday during the PHP Forum 2010 Conference in Paris.

Since I was sick, I couldn't do the presentation myself. Fortunately, Arlo Borras, the chief Architect at eTF1, agreed to present it himself. And according to the feedback I got, he did it very well. I want to thank him a lot for this, and let me say how a truly amazing guy he is to be able to do that with such a short notice.

The whole code of the presentation is available at The presentation was made using Prezi - an awesome presentation tool that I recommend.

If you attended the presentation, don't hesitate to give your feedback by commenting this post, or the related page.