Blog: Propel 2 : What could it be, and do you want to be part of it?

The Propel Team – 06 September 2010

It's been only a year since the Propel project changed hands. In the meantime, the 1.x branch saw two major releases (1.4 and 1.5), and keeps evolving at a good pace.

However, the 2.x branch can now officially be considered abandoned. In a year, not a single line was committed to the trunk, and the discussion about the architecture and the features of Propel 2 never really kicked off.

That's why I'd like to start again the discussion about Propel 2. I have a few ideas, but we need a lead developer for this branch - and it can't be me. I'm sure many of you have ideas as well. Hopefully, some of you may have a few spare hours to contribute.

Come and talk about Propel 2 on the #propel channel in freenode (IRC) on Thursday 9th, 22pm Paris time (CEST). That's 8pm in Reykjavik (UTC), or 4pm in New York (EDT).