Blog: Propel 1.5.1 Is Already There

The Propel Team – 10 May 2010

It's only been two weeks since the stable 1.5.0 release, yet the numerous bugfixes and small enhancements added to the 1.5 branch justify a new minor release. Today, the Propel team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Propel 1.5.1. <p /> This version offers a more robust hydration of related objects, adds missing hooks to the generated query objects, improves runtime performance, and a lot of other small changes. Overall, this milsetone contains more than 40 changes in all areas of the ORM. The CHANGELOG lists them all.<p /> To update, choose your favorite method:<p />Subversion tag<p />  > svn checkout<p /> PEAR package<p />  > sudo pear upgrade propel/propel-generator
  > sudo pear upgrade propel/propel-runtime<p />Download<p /><p />Previous releases are still available at