Blog: Propel 1.5 Stable Released

The Propel Team – 26 April 2010

Propel 1.5.0 is live. After six months of hard work, three times as much unit tests than the previous version, and a lot of help from beta testers, we are very proud to release the first stable release of Propel 1.5.<p /> The Propel blog has already mentioned most of the highlights of the new Propel version, and the WHAT'S NEW page of the 1.5 release describes all the new features extensively, so we won't list them once more in this post. If you have never heard of Propel 1.5, you just need to know that it brings at least two killer features to Propel (the New Query API, and the Concrete Table Inheritance With Data Replication), that it improves the runtime performance, and that it is backward compatible with Propel 1.4 and 1.3. Of course, all the bugfixes from the 1.4 branch are already in this version, and it's fully documented. In short, there is no reason not to upgrade, plus it offers a whole new world of possibilities.<p /> But rather than sell the new version ourselves, we'd like to let early adopters tell you how they feel about Propel 1.5. We hope their enthusiasm will be able to convince you:<p />"It is phenomenal" Steve J., CEO<p /> "It allowed my last project to reach a whole new dimension" James C., Director<p />"This thing is worth Millions" Mike A., Editor<p />"You can continue to write crappy code if you want. For my part, I made the switch." David HH., Programmer<p /> "I need more" Iggy P., Singer <p />"I don't like it. You should always put your business logic into stored procedures" Larry E., CEO<p />Don't wait more, and upgrade to Propel 1.5 using your favorite method:<p />   # Subversion
  > svn co propel<p />   # PEAR
  > sudo pear uninstall phpdb/propel_generator
  > sudo pear uninstall phpdb/propel_runtime
  > sudo pear channel-discover
  > sudo pear install propel/propel_generator
  > sudo pear install propel/propel_runtime
  # Download archive
  > wget
  > wget<p /> And if you're satisfied with it, don't forget to leave us a comment like the early adopters did, to help convince the newcomers.