Blog: Propel 1.5.0RC1 Is Released, Propel 1.5 stable is near

The Propel Team – 20 April 2010

The stable release of Propel 1.5, the next major release of the Propel ORM, is just around the corner. Today, we've just released the first Release Candidate. Unless we discover a major bug or regression in this release, it will become the stable release early next week.<p /> You can checkout Propel 1.5.0RC1 from the Propel subversion repository:<p />> svn checkout<p />Propel 1.5.0 RC1 is also available in two PEAR packages, hosted by the brand new PEAR channel. You need to uninstall Propel prior to installing this beta if you want to use PEAR:<p /> > sudo pear uninstall phpdb/propel_generator
> sudo pear uninstall phpdb/propel_runtime
> sudo pear channel-discover
> sudo pear install propel/propel_generator
> sudo pear install propel/propel_runtime<p /> If you use PEAR, please test this new release and the new PEAR channel, as it will become the default channel for all 1.5.x releases.