Blog: Propel 1.5 Beta 2 Released

The Propel Team – 01 April 2010

It took a little more than a month to fix the 25 bugs found in the first 1.5 beta, and today we are pleased to release the second beta version of Propel 1.5. We would like to thank all the developers who downloaded and tested the first beta. Their feedback allowed the discovery (and the fix) of a few bugs appearing in some special use cases.<p /><div>To be noted, in this new beta, the Propel license was changed from LGPL3 to MIT. You can read more about this decision in a previous blog post. Also, the generated query classes now have a clean create() factory, and smart joinXXX() methods guessing the join type based on the foreign key properties. You can see the whole changelog in the Propel Trac. Lastly, the 12 bug fixes from branch 1.4 were also backported to this release.</div> <p /><div><div>This second 1.5 beta has been released in all your favorite formats:</div><p /><div>Subversion tag</div><div>    > svn checkout </div> <p /><div>Tarball</div><div></div><p /><div>PEAR Package</div><div>    > sudo pear config-set preferred_state beta</div> <div>    > sudo pear upgrade phpdb/propel-generator</div><div>    > sudo pear upgrade phpdb/propel-runti</div><p /><div>Please test it now if you have the opportunity to do so, to avoid discovering possible issues after the stable release. If everything goes smoothly, the stable version should follow within two weeks.</div> </div>