Blog: Propel Changes License From LGPL3 to MIT

The Propel Team – 17 March 2010

Propel 1.5, the next version to be released later this month, will no longer be published under a LGPL3 License, but under the more liberal MIT license. This change removes a usage restriction enforced by the LGPL3: you no longer need to release any modifications to the core Propel source code under a LGPL compatible license. Propel users still have the right to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell Propel. In other terms, you can do whatever you want with the Propel code, without worrying about the license, as long as you leave the LICENSE file within.<p /><div>This change encourages the reuse of Propel in third-party libraries, whatever their license. Furthermore, there is virtually no limit to bundling Propel in any commercial or open-source software. So don't hesitate, and try out Propel 1.5 right now: fast, effective, and discreet, it will fit perfectly in your application or framework.</div>