Blog: Propel 1.5.0 Beta 1 Is Out

The Propel Team – 21 February 2010

After three and a half months of hard work, Propel 1.5 is ready for the beta flag. That means that the API should not change from now on, and that the 1.5 branch is feature freeze.<p /><div>What's in Propel 1.5</div> <p /><div>Propel 1.5 is a backwards-compatible evolution of Propel 1.4. It brings significant improvements to the usability of the ORM. Among the new features: </div><div><div><ul><li>New runtime Query API, replacing Criteria+Peer methods with generated query classes having runtime introspection abilities</li> <li>Support for collections</li><li>New behaviors (nested sets, sluggable, concrete table inheritance, sortable)</li><li>Many-to-many relationships</li><li>Improved Oracle support</li></ul></div><div>You will find more details in the "What's New in 1.5?" page in the Propel wiki. The documentation is already up to date, so don't hesitate to dive in.</div> <p /><div>Of course, Propel still focuses on the best runtime performance and IDE friendliness. Propel 1.5 is no exception on these two matters - it should even be better than 1.4.</div><p /><div>Installing / Upgrading</div> <p /><div>This first 1.5 beta has been released in all your favorite formats:</div><div><div><ul><li>Subversion tag</li></ul></div><div>    > svn checkout </div> <div><ul><li>Tarball</li></ul></div><div></div> <div><ul><li>PEAR Package</li></ul></div><div>    > sudo pear config-set preferred_state beta</div><div>    > sudo pear upgrade phpdb/propel-generator</div> <div>    > sudo pear upgrade phpdb/propel-runti</div></div></div><p /><div>Feedback Is Welcome</div><p /><div>It is the perfect moment to test Propel 1.5 and check the compatibility of your existing applications built with Propel 1.3 and 1.4. Please open a Trac ticket for any problem you may encounter while upgrading. You can also find assistance in the propel developers mailing-list.</div> <p /><div>We plan on releasing 1.5.0 stable within three to four weeks if everything goes smoothly. Please test it now if you have the opportunity to do so, to avoid discovering possible issues after the stable release.</div>