Blog: Would You Like To Play With Propel 1.5?

The Propel Team – 17 December 2009

The release date of Propel 1.5 is a couple months ahead, but since this new version offers only backwards compatible enhancements, you can play with it in your existing applications, or start developing new applications with it, right now. <p /> The 1.5 branch is very stable, and passes all the 928 unit tests of Propel 1.4 - plus 891 new tests added just for the 1.5 additional features. That's right, Propel 1.5 has nearly doubled the total number of unit tests from Propel 1.4 ; and if you remember correctly, Propel 1.4 already had twice as many unit tests as Propel 1.3.<p /> There are three killer features in Propel 1.5 that you may want to use right away:<p /> - New Query API
 - Nested set behavior
 - Sortable behavior<p />Propel 1.5 doesn't offer a PEAR package for now, but a Subversion checkout will do the trick:<p />   > svn checkout <p />Alternatively, symfony users can benefit from the brand new sfPropel15Plugin, which is a drop-in replacement for the core sfPropelPlugin in applications using symfony 1.3 or 1.4.<p /> Feedback is welcome on the stability and usability of the new features. As always, the Propel Trac ticketing is your best friend to mention bugs or request features.