Blog: Propel 1.4 will have minor bugfix releases

The Propel Team – 30 November 2009

The Propel 1.3 branch never had minor releases with only bugfixes - mostly due to the tight schedule required for a 1.4 release. But that should not be the case of the 1.4 branch. Even if the development of the next major release (the 1.5) has already started, users of Propel 1.4 should not have to wait for the 1.5 release to benefit from bug fixes, nor should they have to upgrade to this new release, which adds a lot of enhancements.<p /> That's why Propel 1.4 will have minor bugfix releases every two month. The 1.4.1 milestone is already scheduled for mid-January, and includes the first bugfixes committed to the 1.5 branch. <p />From now on, every bugfix will be committed to both the 1.4 and 1.5 branch, and enhancements will be committed to the 1.5 branch only. Of course, the changes in the Propel 1.x branch will always be backwards compatible, so an application built with Propel 1.3 or 1.4 will work perfectly with 1.5 and above.<p /> That also means that the initial release of the 1.5 milestone will be postponed a little. It doesn't make sense to offer major releases and minor releases every two or three months, because that would mean committing bugfixes to up to four branches in the future. So Propel 1.5 is now scheduled for late February, and that should give the core team plenty of time to pack up a large number of very interesting features.<p /> If you want to have a view at the Propel roadmap at all times, head to the Roadmap page on the Propel Trac. This page shows the progression of every milestone, together with release date and statistics about the tickets included in a milsestone.