Blog: Propel 1.4 Already Integrated Into Symfony

The Propel Team – 16 November 2009

The latest release of Propel is only a few days old, but the symfony framework has already integrated it. Symfony 1.3, which is currently in beta, features a tight integration of the new Propel 1.4 features (including buildtime behaviors, full query logging, and better runtime introspection) with the core of the framework.<p /> The sfPropelPlugin, which provides ORM functionality to the symfony framework, has been partly rewritten to use the new buildtime behaviors instead of custom builders. If you want to write behaviors for Propel 1.4 yourself, the sfPropelPlugin code is probably a good example of how you can work it out. It makes the features added by symfony to the ORM more robust and evolutive.<p /> The symfony roadmap schedules the stable release of symfony 1.3 for the end of November. Whether you start a new project or upgrade an existing application using symfony, Propel 1.4 can already be your ORM of choice.<p /> Thanks to Kris Wallsmith and Fabian Lange, of the symfony core team, for their fast and effective work on integrating Propel with symfony!