Adding Additional SQL Files

    In many cases you may wish to have the insert-sql task perform additional SQL operations (e.g. add views, stored procedures, triggers, sample data, etc.). Rather than have to run additional SQL statements yourself every time you re-build your object model, you can have the Propel generator do this for you.

    1. Create the SQL DDL files

    Create any additional SQL files that you want executed against the database (after the base schema.sql file is applied).

    For example, if we wanted to add a default value to a column that was unsupported in the schema (e.g. where value is a SQL function):

    -- (for postgres)

    Now we save that as 'my_column-default.sql' in the same directory as the generated 'schema.sql' file (usually in projectdir/build/sql/).

    2. Tell Propel Generator about the new file

    In that same directory (where your 'schema.sql' is located), there is a '' file which contains a mapping of SQL DDL files to the database that they should be executed against. After running the propel generator, you will probably have a single entry in that file that looks like:


    We want to simply add the new file we created to this file (future builds will preserve anything you add to this file). When we're done, the file will look like this:


    Now when you execute the insert-sql Propel generator target, the 'my_column-default.sql' file will be executed against the your-db-name database.

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